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Does the ability to expand your business, offer additional services to your clients, or help with your workload sound good to you?

The Whole Shooting Match will make it easy!

The Whole Shooting Match provides comprehensive photographic support services which are geared towards assisting studios, photographers, stylists, ad agencies and other businesses. We offer support, add a touch of style, provide the plan, bring on the talent, find the perfect props and locations, make the phone calls, schedule the people, provide photographers, work on images, and do the follow up - whatever you need.

You can get it all together with The Whole Shooting Match!

  • Photographic Support Services Provided Photographers and Additional Photographers Provides one or more skilled and professional photographers to meet your project needs. Ideal for photographers with shooting situations that require more than one trained eye.

  • Photographers Assistants Expertise in aiding any shoot, providing unsurpassed understanding of the photographers needs.

  • Production and Project Stills Geared for the motion film industry however this will also apply to other businesses with projects in need of quality photos for documentation, promotion, and press release, or just plain grins and memories; a great project morale booster.

  • Image Services Retouching, file manipulations, editing, presentations, enlargements etc.

  • Food Styling and Assistance Sally brings years of experience in food photography, styling and assisting to the professional stylist.

  • Prop Styling and Coordination From the search to the shopping to the set up Sally has proven knowledge; a skilled eye along with the ability and resources to find the unique.

  • Shoot and Model Coordination; Planning Pull it all together with exceptional organizational skills and planning abilities combined with the knack for handling people. Going hand in hand with a network of models available, the know how to search for the right look and the ability to produce a call for models.

  • Location Scouting Finding just the right spot for the perfect setting with an experienced and trained eye that can provide quality images for client review.

  • Contracted Business and Studio Management Training, planning, organizing, bookkeeping, scheduling, public/client relations, quotes, lists, mailings, hosting events and so much more.

  • Representation for Creative Professionals Establishing client relationships and offering a network of photographers, stylists, ad agencies, designers and other creative business.

  • Providing representation and referral services; or working hand in hand on projects that require several areas of creative skills and expertise.
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